How do you cosplay Aeris from Final Fantasy XV as a cosplayer?

The word Aeris is derived from the homonym of the English word EARTH, suggesting that she protects the fate of the Earth.

While she could be an ordinary girl, she’s in fact more beautiful than an angel or more refined than the goddess. She transforms into an image that is etched in people’s hearts, when she dresses in an emerald dress and maroon curls. Aeris is a tragic young woman who has lost her parents and first love Professional Cosplay Costumes For Sale But her smile always heals. She helped her friends many times in her short travels and finally gave her life for the planet.

Aeris is an old-fashioned species with a difficult life. Due to her unique situation as a mother, her father was shot dead as well as her mother and were taken away from her home to be used in human experiments. Her mother finally offered her life to save her from the cage and she would scream her entire life. She was adopted, but this experience of suffering has made her strong at an early age Genshin Impact Cosplay Costume Her ability to see beyond death and life has allowed her to look beyond the tragic events. She is no longer mourning the tragic deaths of her parents, and she no longer has a hatred for the murderer. She is only concerned about the future of mankind.

Aeris has hidden her true character for a long period of time. When she is with friends, she’s more cheerful and cheerful. Because she thinks there are few people who are truly understanding of her, she’s kept her private world. It is impossible to predict what the future of the world will be developed. Only she is able to see the dangers facing the planet. She and her companions embark on a journey to alter the destiny of the world in order to fight the forces of evil that have plagued humanity since ancient times. She is moving slowly towards the final battle while her companions improve their fighting abilities at the Ancient Species Temple, Sleeping Forest, and the Forgetting Capital.

Aeris is always alert and sad. Her sobriety may be the reason for her sadness. It is difficult for her to understand her love since her loving heart is always concerned for the safety of the planet; she knows that she’s the only blood of ancient species, and she stays positive and optimistic outlook, and the smile she displays in the sky is precisely because her heart is full of faith in humanity.

Aeris is both humorous and mature. She can make use of humor to gently encourage and soothe an individual. Her unique kindness is the result of this.

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