Do you know Arya?

Arya Stark is among the protagonists of the series of epic fantasy stories “Song of Ice and Fire” written by American writer George R.R. Martin.

Arya was the second child of Ed Stark, the Duke of Winterfell is Arya Eternals Costume She was almost 12 years young at the conclusion of the fifth round. She is active and lively and is typical of a tomboy. She’s not a big enthusiast of needlework, however, she enjoys the sword. Her father called her “Wolf blood”. Arya’s blue-eyed, gray-eyed brothers are more red-haired than their mother and are considered to be identical to Lyanna Stark her younger aunt.

From childhood, she has been an adventurous, energetic young girl who is a lover of fighting and play Luxury Halloween Costumes This is not the case with her decent sister, Sansa Stark. Arya often refers to her sister as”a “goof”. She wants to learn how to utilize the sword in the contest, which scared Sansa. However, Jon Snow supported her with this idea. Arya showed resilience, strength as well as courage and determination in a challenging environment.

Arya is slim and flexible. Arya like her siblings, has the typical Stark family characteristics of long, gray-eyed, blonde face. Arya was commonly interpreted to be being a boy, and thus classified as a common character in the beginning. Her mother, Catelyn Tully, once said that Arya would be beautiful if she dressed up. Duke also compared her to Lyanna Stark and her aunt.

Arya is left-handed and can be swift and agile. Braavos was her teacher. Braavos the “Water Dancer ” swordsmanship and she could use daggers. She was also an outstanding rider (no one in the book is riding except for Harvard who was the son of the horse house manager of Winterfell). She also has the cultural degree that children of aristocratic families should have, very management talent, mathematics is also very well-developed, and perhaps more advanced than Valeria. She could also speak Bravus but with a bizarre accent. However, thanks to an understanding person, she learned the language. She is quick-minded as well as curious and practical. She’s a skinchanger (Warg) and is able to also control and enter Direwolf Nymeria’s body in dreams.

Arya Cosplay

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