Identity 5 Kaitou Lead Character Akira Kurusu Cosplay

In the game Persona 5, Lead character was originally a common, typical high school student, and also later stired up Persona’s ability with an event. His look looks very well-behaved, but once he becomes a burglar, the ambience of the entire individual will alter quite. So individuals sometimes imagine that they can have incredibly powers and can do what they such as to do.

Placing on this cospaly outfit, you are the protagonist Akira Kurusu Overwatch Costume


This layer resembles a large windbreaker, with an additional lengthy collar, the overall sensation is cool and also dark, yet also has an enchanting personality. The people that wear them will look really slender as well as will not appear weak. And also the black does not look very monotonous, there will be some small lengthy strips.


This t-shirt is not as very easy to utilize as other normal t-shirts, and also has a zipper that is convenient as well as rapid. And also the style of the t shirt is dark, and also the black red stripes are decorated before as well as after, which is more stylish.


The trousers are constructed from high-grade cotton material, which is comfortable and also breathable Womens Cosplay Costumes It will look better with Tee shirts.


The lead character’s eye mask is the just one that can be identified, which is different from other eye masks. The eye mask seems to be like a bat in the dark. As well as exposure is great, do not worry about vision issues.

Handwear covers:

The red cotton handwear covers stand out before black outfits, which is the Protagonist’s unique. One of the most vital point is that the dimension of the handwear cover is right, so you can select a personalized dimension to fulfill the needs of various customers.

Ultimately, if you intend to try this whole collection of Personality 5 Kaitou Lead character Akira Kurusu’s cosplay costume, you can try to buy and also assure worth for loan.

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