A successful man needs to study the wrist of leaders

Making full use of every minute is the new standard of modern urban white-collar worker’s life, for the handsome rich men money is time, and grasping the limited time can create more opportunities and wealth. Successful man needs to learn “leader’s wrist,” absorbs more and precipitates more, to make every piece of wrist watch understand tacitly and transfer their “spirit”.

As every known, the leaders of all countries are the true sense of outstanding men, they are all fond of high quality watch, including the well-known senior prime minister vladimir Putin is a typical Swiss watches lovers..President Kennedy is the loyal fan of Omega. it is said that the former U.S. President Bill Clinton had ever been a love table pioneer, it is difficult to count his favorite watches. The wrist watches of Leaders are more simple or metal material, and they can reflect continent or activity, but the disk is simple, watch case size is moderate. Leaders should not only reflect status, position, but also try to keep low profile and deep image when they choose watches.

Wearing a watch with such strict process means that the wearer’s strict rule of political policy and cautiously positive personal image. When famous person in political choose watches, they are fond to Matzo Paris, Patek Philippe and vacheron constantin, Jaeger LeCoultre and Breguet, and so on.

President John f. Kennedy was a senior watch lover. In the international watch and jewelry fair in Basel, Kennedy’s watch was put up for sale at $120000.This is a gold Rolex, and it is a birthday gift that Marilyn Monroe gave President Kennedy. But he never worn. Above the watch there was the inscription: “jack, Marilyn will love you forever, in May 1962.President Kennedy also often worn a Cartier brand Louis “tank” wrist watch. And now you can know that the Rolex watch is popular not only in the common people but also in the political people.