Panerai Eilean Marine Equipment

Since the launch of the first diving watch Radiomir 3646 in second world war, Panerai has been centered on sailing routes. Recently, with the inspiration of the classic yacht Eilean purchased by the Panerai brand in 2007, it is launching four Marine Equipments in the name of Eilean, including the wall clock, barometer, thermometer and hygrometer.

The word “Eilean” in Irish Gaelic is the meaning of “island”, which will contain the Eilean yacht yieldly – the west coast of Scotland. In 2007, Panerai, after the acquisition of the this yacht, made the comprehensive transformation, used the traditional materials such as Burma teak plate and galvanized iron mine, to make it a step by step to return to the standard looks in the 1930 s.

rolex aaa replica Four new navigation equipments are in accordance with the consistent style of the Panerai brand.14 cm x 14 cm watchcase adopts AISI 316 l anti-corrosion stainless steel, and chooses square pillow shape design. To cater to the theme of the sailing boat, the watch dial sets its main color with black, and supplemented by gray white minutes orbit and Panerai mark, and white fluorescent scale. Only the thermometer is matching with blue color to show the sub-zero temperatures. At the same time, the thermometer contains an air sac, and it will expand and shrink according to the change of the atmospheric pressure, thus affecting indicator pointer, so as to determine the current weather conditions. The hygrometer that is the hardest to identify is applying the bimetallic strip design, to help predict the size of the fog, and determine the navigation plan.

iced out rolex replica The price of this series of instrument are in the range of 4400-5200 dollars, among which the thermometer and hygrometer for $4400 (about 26773 RMB), wall clock for $5100 (about 31032 RMB), the barometer for $5200 (about 31640 RMB)