Graceful Chimes–Ulysse Nrdin Imperial Blue

As long as you look back at the Ulysse Nrdin complicated watches, you will understand why Ulysse Nrdin Imperial Blue is outstanding among them. On the one hand, you have a super-complex chime; on the other hand, you will have a minute repeater.

Ulysse Nrdin Imperial Blue has another charming facet. The alluring visual effect of sapphire plate and main plate, but being different from the Alexanders series, Royal Blue seems to have only one tourbillon, and it is really beautiful. Although one tourbillon exists, you might find it tedious as we have seen plenty of watches with tourbillon. But I have been a big fan of Ulysse Nrdin Imperial Blue because it has that sapphire movement. In 2005, Ulysse Nrdin acts perfectly, and it looks shining but not flashy and that is why I am into Ulysse Nrdin.

As the minute repeater and the chime are definitely not the most complicated part, so Ulysse Nrdin designed two barrels in series. The right barrels offer energy while the left barrel offers the nergy the minute repeater need. In order to make sure that the minute repeater has enough energy to provide the striking of chime, the left leverage will goes around the spring for several rounds. Through the sapphire mirror place, two barrels is visible, and the two bi date aperture is set at 12 o’clock and it could be adjusted by the button at 2 o’clock.

The dial is overwhelmed by the dazzling blue. In addition to the sapphire plate, there is a flying tourbillon that is decorated by the sapphire. If you take a close look at it, you will find that even the gong is processed with blue color. Turning it around, you will find that the case back hide anther world before you. Technically speaking, the case has a On/off switch that you could shut off the chime so as to save the energy, and just buy replica watches online.