Panerai Eilean Marine Equipment

Since the launch of the first diving watch Radiomir 3646 in second world war, Panerai has been centered on sailing routes. Recently, with the inspiration of the classic yacht Eilean purchased by the Panerai brand in 2007, it is launching four Marine Equipments in the name of Eilean, including the wall clock, barometer, thermometer and hygrometer.

The word “Eilean” in Irish Gaelic is the meaning of “island”, which will contain the Eilean yacht yieldly – the west coast of Scotland. In 2007, Panerai, after the acquisition of the this yacht, made the comprehensive transformation, used the traditional materials such as Burma teak plate and galvanized iron mine, to make it a step by step to return to the standard looks in the 1930 s.

rolex aaa replica Four new navigation equipments are in accordance with the consistent style of the Panerai brand.14 cm x 14 cm watchcase adopts AISI 316 l anti-corrosion stainless steel, and chooses square pillow shape design. To cater to the theme of the sailing boat, the watch dial sets its main color with black, and supplemented by gray white minutes orbit and Panerai mark, and white fluorescent scale. Only the thermometer is matching with blue color to show the sub-zero temperatures. At the same time, the thermometer contains an air sac, and it will expand and shrink according to the change of the atmospheric pressure, thus affecting indicator pointer, so as to determine the current weather conditions. The hygrometer that is the hardest to identify is applying the bimetallic strip design, to help predict the size of the fog, and determine the navigation plan.

iced out rolex replica The price of this series of instrument are in the range of 4400-5200 dollars, among which the thermometer and hygrometer for $4400 (about 26773 RMB), wall clock for $5100 (about 31032 RMB), the barometer for $5200 (about 31640 RMB)

Breitling Avenger

Breitling has announced another popular brand in its watch directory which is named as the Avenger series. The new Avenger collection includes two chronographs, one divers’ watch, and one GMT model that is not only comfortable to wear but looks stylish and has elegance in it. There are several models of Avenger series which includes Avenger II, Avenger II Sea wolf, Super Avenger and Super Avenger II.

This authentic watch is specially designed for the professionals, Avenger II chronograph is available in a variety of dial having colors like blue, black and gray along with the presence of stencil-type numerals also called hour-markers which is present on a rubber strap or on a bracelet of the watch. The case of the watch is water-resistant up to a level of 300 m along with some push piece guarding it that is screwed into the steel. The watch features a self-winding chronographic movement which is certified officially by chronometer- like all the other Breitling movements.

buy watches The professional watch for all individuals Avenger II Seawolf super-diver model has a powerful look with exceptional efficient performance of the watch. The case of the watch is water-resistant to the great depth of 3,000 m and it is equipped with an amazingly working unidirectional rotating bezel on it, a valve is there to remove the pressure differences between the inside and the outside of the watch and a screw-lock crown with a non-slip grip, all of these brings a great effect on the appearance of the watch. The watch has the feature of self-winding chronometer movement which is certified by COSC and the watch is user friendly and comfortable to wear on land, sea, water or air.

Besides, there are Super Avenger II chronograph and Avenger II GMT, which are also great series among all the Breitling watches.

What You Think about the Replica Rolex Watches?

In this post, we will discuss something about the replica Rolex Cellini watches first, which will include its watch bezel, watch lug and watch case and watch crown; then we will learn more about the relative info about the Rolex brand for further understanding on the Replica Rolex Watches.

For the replica Rolex, there are two metal bezel among Rolex: arc and triangular shape, but Cellini bezel incorporate two shape into one which signals its personality and that would be better suite Cellini’ style. In my perspective, it has a similar bezel to the bezel of 1930th , so that is why I regard Cellini as the Rolex returning to the old Cellini. When it comes to its watch lug, it is melted with the case, so it touches more smooth and nature. From the picture, we can see that lug has a graceful lines. The whole lug are polished and flawless surface is so perfect. And for its watch case and crown, in addition to the above innovations, we also observed that crown was redesigned. The crown of Oysters are basically arc-shaped but Cellini have an onion-like crown. Comparatively, the latter one has an classic beauty and easy to operate.

The most famous was the Rolex Submariner Ref.6204, which was wore new James Bond who was played by Sean Connery, because Ian Felming, the author of 007, depicted in the book that James has a Rolex as an stealth weapon. The most populous watches will be more likely to be nicknamed. Therefore, without any question Rolex has the most nicknames, particularly the antic Rolex watches. For those non-professionals, the lingo among Rolex’s maniacs are really hard to understand and it seems to be logical, isn’t it? swiss rolex Another example-Patrizzi Daytona was name after Osvaldo Patrizzi who was a great master in the watch industry and hold many Rolex auction in 1990th.

Bvlgari Launching Octo All Black Special Edition

Bvlgari is about to launching the brand-new Octo All Blacks in conjunction with the New Zealand All Black Rugby team, paying tribute to both of their 130 anniversary and celebrate the success, passion and the same character. In addition to the 130 anniversary, Bvlgari has close connections with All Black Team. Jean-Christophe Babin, the Bvlgari CEO, stressed that Bvlgari and All Black are the best example in their separate own fields, and joining hands to launching this special Bvlgari Octo All Black Special edition reflects their common core value. Octo All Blacks reflects their strong pursue on success, strong passion and strong team work, and are known to the world with their unqiue style. This Bvlgari Octo All Black Special Edition brings the best techniques and delicate quality together and displays its excellence and sport spirit to its best.

Bvlgari Octo All Blacks integrates the mechanical charm and beauty to together. In this Bvlgari Octo All Blacks watch whose case has semblance to Rugby, it displays classic Octo traits. The case with 110 facets on it is covered by a layer of carbon film and there are grey Bvlgari sapphire mirror case back on which there brands the badge of All Black rugby team: a Ponga.

This Bvlgari Octo All Black watch is water-proof to as deep as 100 meters and it has a BVL 193 automatic winding movement that has 28 round diamonds on it. It works at a frequency of 4 Hz and can work for 50 hours in this way. What’s more, there is a date aperture at 3 o’clock, and the special design on it makes it looks harmonious with other factors. In order to get the same effect, the black hour scales are also polished. In the dial, the charming Maori face patterns explains the unique philosophy.

Graceful Chimes–Ulysse Nrdin Imperial Blue

As long as you look back at the Ulysse Nrdin complicated watches, you will understand why Ulysse Nrdin Imperial Blue is outstanding among them. On the one hand, you have a super-complex chime; on the other hand, you will have a minute repeater.

Ulysse Nrdin Imperial Blue has another charming facet. The alluring visual effect of sapphire plate and main plate, but being different from the Alexanders series, Royal Blue seems to have only one tourbillon, and it is really beautiful. Although one tourbillon exists, you might find it tedious as we have seen plenty of watches with tourbillon. But I have been a big fan of Ulysse Nrdin Imperial Blue because it has that sapphire movement. In 2005, Ulysse Nrdin acts perfectly, and it looks shining but not flashy and that is why I am into Ulysse Nrdin.

As the minute repeater and the chime are definitely not the most complicated part, so Ulysse Nrdin designed two barrels in series. The right barrels offer energy while the left barrel offers the nergy the minute repeater need. In order to make sure that the minute repeater has enough energy to provide the striking of chime, the left leverage will goes around the spring for several rounds. Through the sapphire mirror place, two barrels is visible, and the two bi date aperture is set at 12 o’clock and it could be adjusted by the button at 2 o’clock.

The dial is overwhelmed by the dazzling blue. In addition to the sapphire plate, there is a flying tourbillon that is decorated by the sapphire. If you take a close look at it, you will find that even the gong is processed with blue color. Turning it around, you will find that the case back hide anther world before you. Technically speaking, the case has a On/off switch that you could shut off the chime so as to save the energy, and just buy replica watches online.

KNOCK OUT! Panerai with Celebrity Fight Night

Celebrity Fight Night is quite a humor charity activity and every celebrity in present will wear a huge glove to go a fight. Now this charity has extended its range to the present music performance and the Night of Fight facilitates the close cooperation between the charity and Muhammad ah who, in the past 18 years, had been an honor guest. In the 20 years of Celebrity Fight Night, the invited celebrities and professionals enjoy the present performance and all the revenue will be donated to charity, which is the creed of Celebrity Fight Night. So far as to now, 95 million dollars has been collected and are donated to the Muhammad ah Parkinson Research Institute.

In this 20th Celebrity Fight Night which was held in 3rd to 8th of September, and it is the first time that it was held in another city-Florence instead of Phoenix, to explore the culture of Renaissance. Guests can start a culture trip and visit Florence arts and landmarks and appreciates the capitalof arts. During this fair, multiple brands will hold their exclusive activities.

Panerai is the brand that joined the Celebrity Fight Night. During the activity, Panerai once again showed its strong foundation with the Florence and its culture. Panerai exclusive shop was opened in Archbishop palace in the Piazza San Giovanni and now it is rebuilt. The second Panerai Florence is opened in the Palazzo Della Gherardesca.

Andrea Bocelli is one of the most popular tenors in the world, and his excellent achievement coincide Panerai’s history: both of them are the representative of Italy and Tuscan culture and is well known in the world. Florence Well-known brand, Panerai, will gives Andrea Bocelli and its family members a representative watch-Luminor 1950 10 Days GMT Ceramica dual time watch, to commemorate this precious relations.

A successful man needs to study the wrist of leaders

Making full use of every minute is the new standard of modern urban white-collar worker’s life, for the handsome rich men money is time, and grasping the limited time can create more opportunities and wealth. Successful man needs to learn “leader’s wrist,” absorbs more and precipitates more, to make every piece of wrist watch understand tacitly and transfer their “spirit”.

As every known, the leaders of all countries are the true sense of outstanding men, they are all fond of high quality watch, including the well-known senior prime minister vladimir Putin is a typical Swiss watches lovers..President Kennedy is the loyal fan of Omega. it is said that the former U.S. President Bill Clinton had ever been a love table pioneer, it is difficult to count his favorite watches. The wrist watches of Leaders are more simple or metal material, and they can reflect continent or activity, but the disk is simple, watch case size is moderate. Leaders should not only reflect status, position, but also try to keep low profile and deep image when they choose watches.

Wearing a watch with such strict process means that the wearer’s strict rule of political policy and cautiously positive personal image. When famous person in political choose watches, they are fond to Matzo Paris, Patek Philippe and vacheron constantin, Jaeger LeCoultre and Breguet, and so on.

President John f. Kennedy was a senior watch lover. In the international watch and jewelry fair in Basel, Kennedy’s watch was put up for sale at $120000.This is a gold Rolex, and it is a birthday gift that Marilyn Monroe gave President Kennedy. But he never worn. Above the watch there was the inscription: “jack, Marilyn will love you forever, in May 1962.President Kennedy also often worn a Cartier brand Louis “tank” wrist watch. And now you can know that the Rolex watch is popular not only in the common people but also in the political people.

Replica Tag Heuer Watches: Carrera series and Grand Carrera series

Tag Heuer as the Swiss and global influential wrist watch brand, the design style of it is naturally free from vulgarity and leads the way of fashion. Under the Switzerland culture fermentation the Tag Heuer formed several major series of products, Carrera series, Grand Carrera series, Monaco series, Link series, Auaracer series, Formular 1 series, TAG Heuer professional sports series. And it can be said that every series has highly visual impact, and has distinct personality, and also has robust performance. Here we will firstly learn more its two series: the Tag Heuer Carrera series and the Tag Heuer Grand Carrera series.

Tag Heuer Carrera series
Among the various tag heuer watches, the Carrera series is the oldest one of the most classic series. Carrera in Spanish represents passion, adventure and heroism. The series was built to commemorate the legendary of the”Mexican Carrera Pan am cross-country competition”, to salute the brave and skilled riders at real – the competition lasted five days and traveled 3300 kilometers (2100 miles) across Mexico, Carrera the Pan-American highway (Carrera Pan Americana). This is the most prestigious, the most rigorous test, which is also the most dangerous endurance.

Tag Heuer Grand Carrera series
The avant-garde wrist watch series is inspired by its historical origin with GT cars! The stopwatch invented in 1916 MIKROGRAPH is the first mechanical stopwatches in the world with accuracy up to 1/100 of a second. Today, the TAG Heuer in constant pursuit of a precise hour meter comes down in one continuous line in Grand Carrera series, acting like showing the salute to GT supercar. Grand Carrera Calibre36RS wrist watch is equipped with the TAG Heuer automatic chain movement, rotary system, which is visual and convenient to read all the information, and get a Swiss observatory official certification to provide reliable guarantee for accurate travel time.